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Where Can I Find Professional Essay Writers?

Nowadays various academic writing services are extremely popular among college and university students. Getting a good mark may become a real challenge, if you lack essential writing skills, have to combine work and studying or have come from abroad to get a good education in an English speaking country.

It’s really sad to acknowledge that some students may spend immense sums of money and loads of time on their studying and still get a mediocre diploma.

If you feel trapped with your studies or can’t hand in your paper exactly on time, then it’s high time to find a pair of effective helping hands!

Writing Service to Choose

Students who struggle with their studies may be helped either by close friends and relatives or by professional essay writers. The last ones are employees of a writing academy or freelance writers who have agreed to assist students with their academic assignments.

Though the modern market of academic writing services is full of numerous offers, the number of students who have gained negative experience after having contacted various writing companies is also great.

Why does this happen? Firstly, there are a lot of scammers who want to earn extra bucks from students who are in need. They make beautiful websites with colorful descriptions of their services and then shut them down as soon as trustful customers transfer a certain amount of money into their bank account.

Some academic writing services try to attract their customer’s with the help of low prices. They usually hire senior students or amateur writers to perform the customers’ orders. The quality of their custom essays is rather slow, so you pay money for your total frustration with your mark, your professor’s dissatisfaction with your work and your jeopardized reputation.

If you want to get a qualitative help with your studies, then you have to find and choose only real experts to perform your order.

Who Are Professional Essay Writers and Where Do They Work?

An effective academic writer is usually a native English speaker who lives in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. He is a Master’s or PhD diploma holder in one or two scientific areas learned in a college or university. He adores academic writing because he has a great talent for it.

Though the number of such gifted scholars is rather small, you can find them easily in officially registered writing academies.

True writing companies will do their best to hire such employees, because their total income and reputation will depend mostly on them.

Can academic services of such companies be really cheap? Of course, not, because professional essay writers will always ask good salaries for their job.

But what should students with scarce budget do? For instance, they can use one of bonus and discount programs to reduce their fees. It will be nice, if they place their orders beforehand. The writers will need more time to perform this order and they will require less money for it.

Finally, you may always order a ready-made sample and then revise it by yourself.


Model Writing Company to Choose is a writing company that loves and hires professional essay writers. We are extremely selective in our staff policies. Thanks to our human resource managers, we have managed to form a team of real writing experts and editors.

We are extremely selective in hiring new writers. We usually choose one or two candidates out of twenty applicants.

Our employees always get a high salary. In addition, we have invented a number of bonuses in order to make them even more motivated.

Can amateur and first-year writers become professional essay writers? Of course, yes! We sometimes hire people fresh to the academic writing business, but it happens when we are totally sure that they will become professional writers in the future.

It’s extremely easy to contact us. Just visit our official website and fill in an inquiry form there. When we get your application form, our manager will choose an appropriate writer to perform your order.

All ready-made samples are always revised by our professional editors and only then sent to our customers.

Our employees always face a number of requirements in their job. For instance, we demand only 100% original and free of various mistakes content from our experts.

It’s a real must for them because only qualitative custom essays are able to comfort our clients.

In addition, our writing company features a Money Guarantee option. It means if you find a single drawback in our work, we will do our best to fix it or give you a total refund.

Are you still looking for professional essay writers? You have already found them! Contact us and enjoy our best writing services!